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Crystal Radiance Skincare Set

Crystal Radiance Skincare Set


Uniting a trio of deluxe-size facial products, the BeautyLab® Crystal Radiance Skincare Set has been meticulously designed with plant extracts, vitamins and award-winning peptides. With the focus on achieving a crystal-clear, soft, supple and protected complexion – particularly ideal for urban, dull, tired or uneven skin – it delivers beautiful results, every time.

  • Contents

    BeautyLab® Glow Giving Serum 15ml

    Optimise skin softness and luminosity with this lightweight yet potent serum concentrate. Supercharging the daily beauty ritual, it increases moisturisation, encourages texture evenness and reveals a sparkling glow from within. Delivering potent antioxidant protection, it helps to maintain skin integrity. The complexion is left nourished, smooth and more uniform, with a crystal-clear, dewy appearance.

    Main Actives: Crystalide Peptide • Passion Flower Oil • Chamomile • Green Tea Leaf


    BeautyLab® Absolute Lifting Eye Cream 15ml


    Help to lift upper eyelids and keep eyes looking fresh with this potent yet lightweight, antioxidant-rich cream. It helps to tighten, brighten, and reduce pigment accumulation for a more even appearance. Moisture-replenishing and collagen-boosting, it helps to improve elasticity and smooths lines. The area is left hydrated and nourished, with a re-energised, wide-awake appearance.

    Main Actives: Pink Silk Tree & Holy Herb • Grapeseed Extract • Yeast Extract • Vitamin E


    BeautyLab® Anti-Pollution Radiance Day Cream 15ml

    Ward against the damage of urban life with this intensely hydrating, protective cream. Delivering long-lasting defence from oxidative stress, it helps to support skin oxygenation, prevent cellular ageing and reduce pigmentation. Collagen and elastin production is boosted, as skin vitality and youthfulness is enhanced. The complexion is left soft and even with a ‘transparent’ crystal-clear appearance.

    Main Actives: Peach Flower • Crystalide Peptide • Passion Flower Oil • Cocoa Extract • Rosemary

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