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Skin Workout for Men

Skin Workout for Men


Uniting a trio of deluxe-size facial products, the BeautyLab® Skin Workout For Men – suitable for all skin types – has been meticulously designed with powerhouse amino acids, strengthening platinum and therapeutic essential oils. With the focus on conditioning, invigorating and age-defending the skin, it reveals exceptional results, every time.

  • Contents

    BeautyLab® Deep Cleanse Face Wash 30ml

    Give skin a thorough, revitalising cleanse with this hardworking wash that protects the face without leaving it feeling dry or tight. Having natural antiseptic properties, it lifts impurities, removes excess oil and decongests pores to help minimise their appearance. Leaves the skin fresh, clear and healthier looking.

    Main Actives: Cedarwood • Sandalwood


    BeautyLab® Essential Protein Serum 15ml

    Improve skin firmness and tone with this supercharged, fast-absorbing serum. Starring nutrient-rich ingredients, its penetrating action delivers sustained hydration and helps to adjust humidity levels on the skin – making it ideal for all climates or environments, such as during high-activity sports. Leaves the skin smooth, energised and bright; perfectly prepped for moisturisation.

    Main Actives: Wheat Amino Acids • Platinum


    BeautyLab® Amino Acid Conditioning Face Cream 15ml

    Keep skin hydrated, youthful and resilient with this high-performance, age-defending cream. Light and non-greasy, it provides nutrition to the cells and delivers a continuous moisturising effect for ultimate protection whatever the climate or environment – perfect for all year round application. Leaves the skin firm, smooth and bright, with a healthy looking finish.

    Main Actives: Amino Acids • Platinum • Antioxidants

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