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2020 is not what anyone expected!

So, our second lockdown is now into it's 3rd week. As a beauty salon, we were forced to close from Thursday 30th October with less than 24 hours notice. We all felt very cheated by the news as myself, Lauren, Kimmy, Caitlin and Debbie had worked so hard to ensure that the salon was as safe as possible for clients and staff alike. However, we realise that this pandemic is not finished with us all yet and now we have entered a 2nd national lockdown which will hopefully be a lot shorter than the first.

So, onwards and upwards, time for me and the girls to have another little rest to get ready for welcoming you all back for your Christmas appointments and to give us all an opportunity to find something else that we all enjoying doing from handmaking soaps and wax melts to going out walking, exploring and exercising. As well as looking forward to sharing what we have been up to, we also look forward to hearing what you have all been doing to keep yourselves busy as well.

This time has also given me an opportunity to look into setting up an online shop so that we can carry on retailing to all you lovely people and that you can carry on supporting us to keep us going through these difficult times and bring us back stronger.

So, make a cuppa, put up your feet and have a look through our products, whether you're buying from Mum, daughter, friend, Dad or Son we've got a bit of something for everyone.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

We miss you xxx

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