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It's all (not) happening at Elliegance!

Well, who'd have thought that to get the Elliegance website up and running and to publish my first gossip post would take a pandemic!

But here we are, COVID-19 has brought the country to a standstill and we are currently nearly 9 weeks into lockdown so, as a Beauty Salon who relies on spending time in close proximity with people, what else is there to do apart from gossiping! Well apparently, there's still lots to do, not only is the salon website now up and running (hurrah!) the salon software has been fully reviewed, client record cards have been updated, my social media posts are going out ten to the dozen, the salon has had a deep clean and a little refurb is now being planned - phew!

It's hardwork being in lockdown.

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Love the Website, you sure have been busy. Look forward to seeing the new refurbished salon but look forward to seeing you all there, safe and well, more!! Keep safe xx🌈

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